Visalus success stories

For a little motivation, I thought I would post some Visalus success stories by real people using the Body by Vi shakes to lose weight.  I’m very happy myself to be losing weight with the Visalus shakes and can’t wait to see my end result!

visalus success stories

What a great Visalus success story this is!  She looks so good in her after picture that this motivates me to get fit before bikini season.  I’m so glad I started now so I have time!

visalus success stories

He looks amazing!  I’m so glad he took a before picture because what a transformation on the Body by Vi shakes!  You deserve a thumbs up yourself!

visalus success stories

She lost 31 pounds on the Body by Vi 90 day challenge!  I am going to lose 45 pounds and this is an inspiration for me!  She looks so different!

visalus success stories

37 pounds gone on the 90 day challenge!  She looks much happier now and I bet she is so proud of herself!

All of these Visalus success stories are my motivation.  If you are interested in joining me on my 90 day challenge with Body by Vi, visit this website. You can also see all the Body by Vi kits, their information and prices on the Visalus kits page.


  1. says

    Excellent review on Visalus.
    I have heard that the health products are brilliant.
    The 90 Day Challenge is now very popular based on all the posts I have seen.
    Are they in Australia yet?
    Overall it looks like a solid business opportunity.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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