Think yourself skinny

think yourself skinnyWhen I say, think yourself skinny, I’m using the word skinny to equal a healthy weight for you.  It’s easier to say to think yourself skinny than in is to say think yourself a healthy weight for your height and body type.  So, please don’t take offense to word skinny.

Now that we have that out of the way, how can one think themselves skinny?  When anyone says that you should make a lifestyle change instead of go on a diet, you need to focus your mind as well.  The way you think directly effects the way you act.  When your thoughts are full of negativity, you will lead a negative life.   Change those thoughts to positive and see the pounds melt off!

When you are feeling frustrated or wanting to give up, change that thought to “I can do this one more day.”  When you break down your plan into days and think that one more day will be it, the next day, you’ll have the same thought.  One more day.  And it will turn into a week, weeks, and months.  Remember, you can do it for one more day.

Think about your food while you are eating it.  Actually taste the food by chewing it at least 20 times while your fork is down.  When you sit back and think about the food while you are eating it, you will eat less and eat smaller portions by filling up faster.  Next time you eat, take a bite, put down your fork and chew your food 20 times while thinking about the taste.  Do this until you are full and then stop.

Think about the sensation of being full.  It’s very important to stop eating when you are full and if you are going to think yourself skinny, you need to know exactly when that is.  You know what hunger feels like so when the sensation of hunger is gone, that is feeling full.  Stop eating when you don’t feel hungry anymore and don’t snack when you aren’t hungry.  Think full!

Learn to love exercise.  Make exercising a priority everyday.  Get your body used to it so when you don’t exercise, your mind misses the action.  You need to associate exercise with everyday activities like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  Then you need to make it a habit.  It’s best if you can exercise in the morning.  You will feel better and have more energy during the day.  Set your alarm everyday for you to exercise when it goes off and do it.  Keep thinking positive!  Soon, you’ll be anxiously anticipating that exercise alarm.

Keep a weight loss journal.  This is the place to track your activities, food, results and thoughts.  You need to write down all your thoughts during the day to associate negative thoughts with negative behavior and positive thoughts with positive behavior.  You’ll soon see the more you think positive, the more you will be successful (in anything you do, not just weight loss).  If you are thinking negative, put that on paper and get it out of your head.

Think yourself skinny by following all those tips and keeping your mind in the positive realm.  Know that you can achieve your goals and then you will.  Not until your mind believes will you achieve.

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  1. Great post. I TOTALLY think that ANYTHING you are trying to accomplish – whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking, finishing a Masters Degree – soooooo much of it is in our HEADS! Once you realize the power you REALLY have with your mind, it is pretty incredible. We can achieve SO much more than we usually give ourselves credit for :)
    Lynsey @MoscatoMom recently posted..Monday Mingle March 26, 2012My Profile

  2. Tammy says:

    When I changed my eating, I started off thinking one day at a time. Now, my eating healthy has become habit.
    Tammy recently posted..Allergies and Sick ChildMy Profile

  3. Donna says:

    I quit smoking (7 year ago), and it wasn’t easy. But for some reason, I’m having a difficult time with losing weight. Btw, I did start gaining weight after I quit smoking. Then, add aging, hormones, and sitting a the computer more, and I’m over 35 lbs heavier than I was 7 years ago. I’m so frustrated. But I did start this Sunday to change my eating habits and moving more. I’m taking baby steps.
    Donna recently posted..It’s a 50 Buck Friday G!veaway – Don’t Miss it 3/30My Profile

  4. Fantastic tips…now I have to remember to implement them!
    Beth Larrabee recently posted..Little Lion Man Times 2 – Tuesday TunesMy Profile

  5. Theresa says:

    Great post as always Megan!
    Theresa recently posted..Losing Weight & Essentialzymes – Part 4 of the Slique™ SeriesMy Profile

  6. I’ve heard this is a great idea!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work recently posted..Playroom ShoppingMy Profile

  7. Seriously great post, Megan. I really need to put these tips to use- especially chewing my food longer and thinking about it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Whitney at It’s Gravy, Baby! recently posted..28 Years in the Making – A Dining Set MakeoverMy Profile

  8. debra p says:

    There are some great tips here! I have this bookmarked.
    debra p recently posted..Share your story for a chance to win a Gem from the Goddess! – by Amanda SelfMy Profile

  9. I am going to bullet these and print them out … I NEED to lose weight after baby #3 but just haven’t been able to really get motivated. These tips should make it easier!
    Rachel @ Following In My Shoes recently posted..The I Love You BentoMy Profile

  10. Henrietta says:

    So true! I get so used to always being full that I let myself eat whenever I feel slightly hungry!
    Henrietta recently posted..A reminder that it’s Motorcycle season again in the Northeast!My Profile

  11. Emily says:

    I agree that losing weight/maintaining weight is just as much mental as it is physical and I think that’s why many people struggle. Thanks for the motivation!
    Emily recently posted..What You Add Makes It. {Cool Whip Blogger Ad Launch!}My Profile

  12. Definitely important to be mindful, it’s so easy to zone out and shovel lunch in my face while I’m working, you know?
    Beeb Ashcroft recently posted..One Week Stay in The Jersey Shore House And Round-Trip Transportation Giveaway at Jersey Shore SweepsMy Profile

  13. I need to get myself into this mindset.
    Jenna @ For The Love of Baby! recently posted..Wordless Wednesday:Before and After Pics #linkyMy Profile

  14. Liz says:

    So many times, I won’t even be hungry but then I start thinking about a specific food that I have in the refrigerator or the cupboard and I can’t get it off of my mind. It’s really about the thought process.

  15. Karen says:

    We have started eating light meals recently, and taking our time to eat them. I am trying to add new flavors as well.
    Karen recently posted..Girlie Girl BackpackMy Profile

  16. Positive attitude is the best way to reach your goals! I love this post! :) I wake up each morning and say a mantra to help me in my weight loss goals!
    Emily @FamilyNLifeLV recently posted..My Little SuperheroMy Profile

  17. It’s so true! Our minds have so much more control over our physical bodies than most of us give credit for! A positive mental attitude can make all the difference!
    Johanna @ Mama Chocolate recently posted..Delicious Dish Tuesday Recipe Link UpMy Profile

  18. I am very bad about belittling myself and have had very bad body image issues. I nee to really do something like this so I can think of myself not in a bad way but rather a good way of how great i will feel if I reach X goal
    Toni @ A Daily Dose recently posted..Gaiam TV Review. Keeping Fit From The Comfort of Your Home.My Profile

  19. HilLesha says:
  20. Courtney says:

    Love these ideas!!
    Courtney recently posted..Sweet Baby 24 WeeksMy Profile

  21. Great tips!
    Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins recently posted..DreamWorks People Like Us (2012) Trailer and InformationMy Profile

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