Safflower oil benefits

safflower oil benefitsEverywhere I look, people are talking about safflower oil (not sunflower oil) and it’s benefits.  So, I decided to look into myself to see what some reliable research said about safflower oil.  Now that I’ve read a lot about it, I’ve decided to try it myself!  Here is what I found:

Research has found that a teaspoon of safflower oil a day mixed in with food or drink drastically reduces elevations in cholesterol and in blood sugar.  Something that both contributes to weight gain and makes losing weight harder.

Safflower oil also has been shown to help reduce belly fat when taken once a day in teaspoon form.  It’s a great source of omega-6 fatty acids which has shown to help burn fat instead of storing it. Safflower oil is also high in vitamin E which helps rid the body of free radicals.  Another great weight loss benefit.

Safflower oil also has other benefits not pertaining to weight loss.  It’s great as a conditioner for your hair to help it stay strong and healthy.  You can use it on your skin as an anti-aging regimen.  It’s a great cooking oil for less saturated fat and more health benefits.  I’m sure the list goes on and on but these are the benefits that caught my eye.

With all the safflower oil benefits, what could I hurt to try it? Where can I buy it?  I found some in a health food store close to my home!  You can find them in nutritional stores, health food stores and maybe even in your neighborhood grocery store.

Anyone else heard of some other safflower oil benefits?


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    I have never tried Safflower oil but I am eager to try it now that you’ve posted this. I will look for it the next time I go to the natural grocery store.

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