Is Visalus safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms?

visalus productsYes, Visalus shakes are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms!

I’m so glad that my nursing and pregnant friends can join the 90 Day Challenge with me!

Body By Vi Shakes – Are They Okay for Pregnant Women & Nursing Moms?

by Heather Nelson on March 4, 2011

The Body By Vi Shakes are a GREAT alternative for sweets for pregnant women and moms nursing. The sweet cream – “shake mix that taste like cake mix” LITERALLY – can be turned into a delicious dessert alternative over a high in sugar, calorie, carbs dessert (that contains no nutrients for the baby)….

By no means are the Body By Vi Shakes an alternative to food to stay slim through your pregnancy, and your doctor will NOT recommend it either..  I found that walking the dogs each morning for 20 minutes really helped me keep off some of the weight.

Pregnant women and those nursing can have a “sweet” body by vi dessert while in-taking 23 vitamins/minerals, quality protein, fiber, and more…. It’s nutritious AND low in calories (90-100), low carbs (7g), low sugar (less than 1g)

This is also a great source of nutrition for pregnant women who have a hard time keeping food down at anytime during their pregnancy. Sipping on a light shake for lunch and keeping it down, is a better alternative to a heavy meal that is going to come back up!

Body By Vi Shake Dessert Alternatives:

You can use a low fat chocolate milk and a scoop of all natural peanut butter for a creamy reeces shake; or a handful of berries (maybe some yogurt) for a fresh treat; or some decaf coffee, low fat chocolate/reg milk for that latte craving; or some frozen pineapples and bananas, splash of coconut/reg milk for a pina colada smoothie; or MY FAV a low fat chocolate milk, small scoop of dark chocolate mini hershey’s kisses, a few cherries, and light whip cream to top for a yummy brownie body by vi shake!

There are a lot of great recipes to have a fun, healthy alternative to a heavy dessert for you to try and even create resembling your favorite dessert!

The information below comes directly from Ms.Audrey Sommerfeld and Dr. Michael Seidman both on the Scientific Advisory Board of Visalus Sciences.

“The shake is fine for pregnant and lactating women to get added nutrition. We don’t recommend that they try to lose weight though as the baby needs the calories. This is why we don’t recommend Vi-Trim or Vi-Slim as babies don’t need hunger control or metabolism support. Neuro is low caffeine, but it depends on if the woman wants that or not, and her doctor recommendations. ”

“Vi-Pak – Omega Vitals and Multi Vitamins are fine but the Anti-aging and Super Charged Antioxidant they should talk to their individual doctors. Nutra-Cookie is fine for them to consume as well.”

Read Which Body by Vi kit is right for me for information on which kit you should get.  As always, please contact me for more information.


  1. says

    This information comes at a great time since my sister will be giving birth in about a week and would like to start watching what she eats (& hopefully drop weight) right away! Thank you :)

  2. Ashleen Moreen says

    Such a good news for me. Glad to know that it is safe for pregnant moms. Thanks for sharing!

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