Basic arm exercises

It’s important to add basic arm exercises to your exercise routine.  These exercises will help tone your arms, build lean muscle and reduce fat around your problem areas.  Remember, muscle burns more calories than fat!

How much weight should I choose?

You should use enough weight to where you can do 10 to 12 reps of an exercise.  If you can’t do all the reps, choose a lighter weight.  If you could do more reps easily, choose a heavier weight.  Try to increase your weight each time you exercise.

Tip: Do basic stretching exercises before beginning your workout.

Push up

basic arm exercise

Lie face down with your hands slightly more than shoulder width apart.
Lift up while you are on your toes with your arms straight.
Lower back down, bending your elbows until your body almost touches the ground.
Keep your back straight.
(If you need to, you can do this on your knees)

Tricep dip

Sit on a stable chair or bench with your hands on the bench, shoulder width apart.
Move your body in front of the bench with your arms extended.
Lower yourself until your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle.
Push yourself back into the starting position.

Bicep curl

basic arm exerciseStand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms gripping dumbbells underhanded, shoulder width apart.
Let the bar hang in front of you.
Bend your arm to curl the bar to shoulder level.
Lower slowly and repeat.

Tricep push up

basic arm exercise

The same as a push up except your hands are pulled in to your side and your hands are facing forward.

Shoulder press

basic arm exercise

Position your dumbbells to each side of your shoulders with elbows below your wrists.
Press dumbbells up until your arms are extended overhead.
Slowly lower to the sides of your shoulders and repeat.

Hammer curl to shoulder press

basic arm exercise

Stand with your feet hip width apart and arms by your side with palms facing in gripping dumbbells.
Bend your elbows with hands toward your chest, palms still facing in.
Straighten your arms up over your head.
Lower your elbows back to curl position and then back to your side.


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