Relaxing Outdoors #SummerWithSears


I live in North Carolina so exercising outside during the summer is almost a sure fire way to get heat stroke. I spend most of my day inside. But after the sun starts to go down, I love to relax outside. The problem with relaxing outside earlier this summer was that I had no patio… [read more]

Save money online with

I admit, I buy tons of weight loss and health products online.  It’s easier and the convenience of having my goods shipped to my house is a big plus for me!  I’ve bought free weights, an exercise ball, a kettlebell, workout DVDs and more from online. You can say I’m a bit addicted to online… [read more]

MaxFlow Cross-Grip Hairband review

maxflow hairband

I exercise daily as I’m sure many of you know.  I don’t like hair in my face.  I’ve bought tons of hairbands to keep the hair out of my face so I can workout comfortably but they either break, stretch out, or slip down my head.  I hate that!  Luckily, I’ve found a hairband that… [read more]

Delicious Dunkin Donuts for breakfast at #Brandcation

dunkin donuts

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  Mine is Dunkin Donuts.  I love their bagels, coffee and sandwiches.  Remember, portion control and you can eat your favorite foods all you want! I want to personally thank Dunkin Donuts for sponsoring our breakfast at Brandcation.  We had yummy bagels and coffee with all the condiments.  Luckily, my condo… [read more]